Mental Health: first step is always the hardest...

Let's talk about it!

I am no doctor or have any creditability for any health related advice so please, read this as such. What I can share is my personal experience and the impact my physical and emotional scars had on my mental health. I was my own prisoner looking for a way out. Prisoner in self-doubt, suppression and confusion which all eventually led to anxiety.

As we all know our mental health is very important and believe it or not, its challenges are quite common. Everyday life's challenges contribute to our well-being. There are biological factors such as genes and brain chemistry that contribute to our mental health but also life experiences, especially trauma. If our minds are carrying heavy weight from traumatic experiences eventually it will catch up with us and a small trigger could cost us that one opportunity we have been waiting our whole life, to say the least. 

Naturally we all want to belong, be loved and have the answers. Growing up I never understood why me. Especially when being made fun of by my peers. Or not feeling good enough or pretty enough. Even looks from complete strangers created disappointment and anger.

What you need to know is HELP IS AVAILABLE. We may not be able to erase our physical scars but our emotional scars can get better or we can even recover completely. Positive mental health will allow you to realize your full potential, handle stress in your life as well as have productive and meaningful life. There are few different ways to do this: connecting with others, getting physically active, staying positive or getting professional help if you need it. I suggest all of the above. What helped me is definitely all of the above. All of this is easier said than done, I know. It is hard work but most satisfying gift you’ll ever give yourself.

Not always do we have people in our lives that give us the support we need. I am fortunate enough to have my loved ones but even so I still chose to seek professional help. People that love you will comfort you but will not always challenge your thinking or give you the tools you need to train your mind to have a more positive outlook on life or yourself.

Opening up to a stranger is scary and nerve wrecking. By being vulnerable we are surrendering to the unknown- possible judgements, shame and who knows what else. But believe me, true bliss awaits as soon as you cross that hurtle and open up. I started with forming sentences out loud to myself and imagining I am being heard by many. Another way you could start is by writing your thoughts down in a journal. Take that first step. Or write to me, anonymously if you chose. I am here to listen.

Yours Truly,

Burn Survivor

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