Self-Awareness at High Altitude

Life and Adventure - different definition applies for each one of us. Right? What I consider adventure might be insane to you. And what you consider adventure might be nothing or unheard of to me. I am also a firm believer that a good meaningful conversation from time to time with a special person can also be an adventure. Regardless of what we consider adventurous, as long as you're living it. But what if adventure becomes norm and something we do out of comfort, can we still call it adventure? Sure, because we can call it what we want - we do what we want! :) Let's just entertain this thought for a second...

Has there been something that you always wanted to do but you are not sure because it is way out of your comfort zone or you have your doubts and reservations? What do we call that? Adventure + Fear = High Risk? Well, I think that type of Adventure = Pure Bliss! We can apply this math to every aspect of our life. Career, relationships, body image, emotional distress basically overall personal growth. I am a huge believer in personal growth, and can’t stress enough the importance of it; it is the one thing we can truly control. There are many tools and techniques to gain during personal growth but the one that carries a lot of weight is fear and self-awareness. The ability to turn full focus onto ourselves from environment and others. To know your limits, how you behave and how you think leads to self-knowledge and from here you can create the you, you want.

Want to test your self-awareness? Jump out of an airplane at a 15,000 feet altitude for the first time.

Everyone loves the idea of free-flying but not many would try the one closest thing that would get them to flying - skydiving. And you have your reason, and this is not the only way to test your awareness obviously; but it is how I tested mine recently.

For me personally, skydiving is the 30-35 seconds of free fall that happens after initial jump. This is where your mind and body aren’t even on the same planet. When you’re doing this for the first time, you mind can’t quite comprehend that you are jumping out of an airplane at 120-180mph. During the altitude climb I was calm, collected and unafraid since I have always wanted to do this – bucket list item; even so that initial jump caused emotional explosions within myself. My mind was rushing 200mph. Slowing it down and becoming aware is the key. With deep concentration 30 seconds prior to the jump, "Focus, you are safe and you are about to fly", I repeated to myself (while the door of this "about to fall apart" airplane is open), I was able to focus and really experience the adrenaline that was fulfilling my body. SUREAL! TRUE BLISS! I could not stop smiling. Check out the video:

I will never forget this feeling of flying.

 Once the parachute opens, you are safe and it will be another 5 minutes of gliding before gravity pulls you down to the ground again - hang tight and enjoy the view, literally. I highly recommend it, at least once in your life.

Landing video:


Something to think about...

...becoming self-aware on how you perceive your body image is very important tool in our every day life. Us burn survivors tend to obsess over how we look; we need to focus that energy on living, exploring and adventuring instead. As soon as you do that, you will notice positive changes in your overall lifestyle. And a lot faster emotional healing process. Not to mention all the stories you'll have to brag about to your friends and family. :)

Leave a comment with your first skydiving experience, would you try it or why you would never do it.

Yours Truly,


Burn Survivor