Be yourself and Flaunt your scars!

You know that piece of advice you hear so many times from so many different people… that “Be yourself!”? I used to role my eyes when I would hear that before a job interview, a date with someone interesting, or any other encounter with a human being.

Why are we, as human beings, so nervous around our own kind?  We get anxiety attacks. And eventually develop a more serious case of anxiety. The next thing you know, we are paying for meds and therapy talk. Ha! (okay, yes I took it bit out there). It’s really not always the case. The reason is this: we seek validation and approval from everyone around us. If you look back at your childhood, every clap, “well done” and smile that could be constructed as mark of approval felt good and gave you more encouragement. We didn’t grow up learning to be self-satisfied. Instead, we grew up fearing to disappoint others and when asking for opinions, in most cases others are giving us their answers. And that’s why, I think, there is a very fine line between seeking validation and objectively looking for advice/comments and making up your own opinion.

Furthermore, self-conscious people will more likely be sucked in the “approval seeking” hole. This is where you and I come in. We are already self-conscious of our scars, and then add on the “normal” crap from our childhood and society, plus our individual unique personality. The result is you today. If you pay close attention to your thinking, eventually you’ll see that your scars are not what stops you from being you. It is your thought process. You can of course stay where you are or put yourself out there and discover your full potential.

I used to think, that many are comfortable being themselves because they are well off and established, with perfect bodies they don’t have to pretend or hide, and nothing to worry about in this world. This logic of old Indy was plain stupid. Instead, what I’ve realized is that those individuals, and many others, achieved the confidence in the first place because they were unafraid to be themselves, even as flawed as they are and with worries they had.

Remember, your natural self will always come out. As soon as someone spends some quality time with you, you will bring out the real you, naturally, without thinking about it… and so what’s the point of hiding or trying to be someone you’re not? For five minutes of false perception? It’s not the five minutes you want; you want the five minutes of real and something you can take away and grow from.

Here’s why I think you should be yourself and show your scars:


  • Scars let others know that you are REAL.

  • Your scars silently speak a lot of wisdom.

  • Scars show pain and suffering and an amazing will to survive and live - value of life

  • Scars show your strength and resilience.

  • Scars tell others that you have an interesting story to share.

  • “Every winner has a scar.”

  • You only are given one life to live. (you’ve heard this one, but it’s true)


I vacationed in Cancun, Mexico with one of my favorite human beings, my mama, last November. And I was flaunting my scars like there was no tomorrow. Yes, I did get looks and stares but that’s okay. All eyes on me! What woman doesn’t like little attention? 😉


Learn how to flaunt yours, you will not regret it!






Indira Husic