"Myth Buster..."

"Myth Buster..."

My Story


                     "Shark attack...."                                                                               "Volunteer firefighter..."

                                                           "Saved a dog from a burning house..."

Are just some of the things I use to say when a stranger asked me "what happened?"

The real story is... I defeated whatever it tried to kill me-as a six month old baby. And what tried to kill me is our everyday cup of joe. That's right - coffee. Now you see why I was inclined to make up stories. Haha! 

Before this incident matured into "my story" it was and still is my mothers story. A story that forever changed and altered a life of two women. 

My mother, who you'll probably hear me mention quite a few times in this blog, is absolutely the most selfless woman I know. I call her My Hero. She is a fighter on another level. 

April 13th, 1984 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was Friday the 13th. Exactly 6 months from my birthday. My mother made morning Turkish coffee and had intentions to call a neighbor and enjoy spring sunny morning. I was pretty active baby and very tall for being only 6 months.